Science Steering Committee

Alexandra (Sandy) Steffen – Chair

The Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) consists of experts in mercury research and policy from around the world. This committee’s role is to oversee the scientific progress and the organization of the conference to ensure that the high quality of this conference series is maintained. The SSC offers guidance and previous experience in running this conference to the organizing co-chairs. The committee meets once a year at the venue to discuss progress and planning of the conference.

The Scientific Steering Committee, February 2010. Front from left: Steve Balogh, Ashu Dastoor, Michael Parsons, Vince St Louis, Reed Harris, Mineshi Sakamoto Back from left: Xinbin Feng, Marcello Veiga, Rob Tordon, Lesley Sloss, Jeroen Sonke, Sandy Steffen, David Evers, Ellen Kurlansky, Leonard Levin, Brian Branfireun, Dave Krabbenhoft

The first meeting of the SSC was held in Halifax on February 22-23, 2010.
The second meeting of the SSC will be held in Halifax on March 8-10, 2011.

SC Member Affiliation Title Country
Ashu Dastoor Environment Canada Research Scientist
Brian Branfireun University of Western Ontario Associate Professor
Dave Krabbenhoft United States Geological Survey Research Scientist
David Evers Biodiversity Research Institute President/Executive Director
Elizabeth Sturges Corbitt Harvard University PhD Student
Ellen Kurlansky Office of Air and Radiation US EPA Policy Analyst
Elsie Sunderland Harvard University School of Public Health Assistant Professor
Heather Morrison Environment Canada Air Quality Program Advisor
Jeroen Sonke CNRS-LMTG Head of ICPMS facilities
Jozef Pacyna Norwegian Institute for Air Research Director, Centre for Ecological Economics
Leonard Levin Air Toxics Health & Risk Assessment Electric Power Research Institute Technical Executive
Lesley Sloss IEA Clean Coal Centre Principle Environmental Consultant
Marcello Veiga University of British Columbia Associate Professor
Michael Parsons Natural Resources Canada, Geological Survey of Canada (Atlantic) Research Scientist
Mineshi Sakamoto National Institute for Minimata Disease, Ministry of the Environment Director, Department of Epidemiology
Nicola Pirrone CNR- Institute for Atmospheric Pollution Research Director
Reed Harris Reed Harris Environmental Ltd.
Sandy Steffen Environment Canada Physical Scientist Atmospheric Mercury Specialist
Brenda Koekkoek The United Nations Environnement Programme (UNEP), Chemicals Branch Programme Officer
Steve Balogh Metropolitan Council Environment Services Principal Research Scientist
Vince St Louis University of Alberta Department of Biological Sciences Professor
Xinbin Feng Institute for Geochemistry for Chinese Academy of Sciences Professor / Vice Director

Student Representative

The Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) is happy to announce that Elizabeth Sturges Corbitt has joined the SSC as our student member. Elizabeth is a PhD candidate at Harvard University in atmospheric science and has been involved with mercury science since her undergraduate years. Please welcome Elizabeth to the SSC and we look forward to working together on this program.

Alexandra (Sandy) Steffen, Chair Scientific Steering Committee 10th ICMGP