Abstract Submission Instructions

  • Abstract submission is now closed.
  • To confirm the receipt and payment of your abstract please login to your profile and click "Edit/Review Abstracts." The Status Column will show either "In Progress" or "Paid/Pending Review."
  • Please direct enquiries to the Conference Secretariat.

    Abstract Submission Overview

    • Abstracts must be submitted via the conference website (abstracts will not be accepted by mail, fax or e-mail).
    • You must create a user profile prior to abstract submission. Please note that this is a different profile from the user account you may have created to receive updates from the 10th ICMGP website.
    • There is a submission fee of $35.00 CDN plus 15% sales tax (HST) per abstract.
    • Abstracts will not be considered unless the abstract submission fee has been paid.
    • Only one oral presentation per presenting/lead author will be accepted. Multiple poster presentations are acceptable.
    • The Scientific Steering Committee will review all submitted abstracts. They reserve the right to change the format of presentations (i.e. from oral to poster, or the reverse) to suit the needs of the technical program.
    • Abstracts must be submitted by the deadline of midnight (23:59 AST local time) on February 15, 2011.

    Abstract Submission Instructions & Deadlines

    We recommend preparing your abstract(s) in a word processor first and then cutting-and-pasting the text directly into the abstract submission form in the Edit Abstract section. Please have your presentation title, abstract text, and co-author information ready before logging into the abstract submission website as there is a 30 minute time limit in which to complete the submission.

    Abstracts will be limited in length to 400 words. Note that exact word count may vary among word processing platforms once pasted into the abstract submission template. Please double-check the formatting of any special symbols or fonts in your abstract when you enter the text in the online submission template. The abstract template allows you to include special characters and text formatting in your abstract.

    The abstract submission deadline is midnight (23:59 AST) on February 15, 2011. For scheduling to be completed in a timely manner, all submissions must be received by this date. The submission site will close at this time.

    Abstract Submission Requirements

    A submission fee of $35.00 CDN + 15% sales tax is required for each abstract. This fee is non-refundable, and must be paid by a credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express). Payment for each abstract is required once the participant completes the abstract submission form. You may complete the abstract and save it to your profile prior to payment; however, the status of your submission will remain “In Progress” until your payment is complete. Once you have completed your payment, the status of your abstract will change to “Pending Review”.

    Should you need to make edits to your submitted abstract you may do so until the submission deadline of February 15th, 2011. To edit your abstract click the Edit Abstract button in the Review Abstract tab.

    Only one oral presentation per presenting/lead author will be accepted. Each participant can submit multiple poster presentations. Posters are strongly encouraged and will play an important role in this meeting. Please note that it may be necessary to accept for poster presentation some abstracts submitted for oral presentation and, likewise, those who submit abstracts for poster presentation may be asked to make an oral presentation.

    Session Selection

    To assist the organizing committee in assigning your abstract to an appropriate session, please use the drop down tabs in the abstract submission section to select your first and second choices for General Sessions, or specify a single Special Session. These choices must be indicated for your abstract to be considered. While every attempt will be made to accommodate your session requests, the committee cannot guarantee your abstract will be placed in any of the sessions chosen. Abstracts will be assigned and scheduled to suit the requirements of the overall scientific program and, therefore, final placement is solely at the discretion of the Scientific Steering Committee.

    Author Notification

    Corresponding authors will receive an e-mail confirmation when their account for abstract submission is created, and will also receive a receipt via e-mail confirming that their abstract submission fee has been paid. This fee will show up on your credit card statement as Agenda Managers, Inc. The corresponding author will be notified of the status of their abstract by April 15, 2011 and if accepted, their assigned session and presentation format. It is the responsibility of corresponding authors to notify co-authors of the status of the submitted abstract. Accepted abstracts will be posted on the website after the schedule for the scientific program has been finalized.