Session Chair Information

The organizer for the session chairs is Dr. Bill Van Heyst. Any questions about your role as a chairperson for oral sessions should be directed to Dr. Van Heyst (bvanheys [at] uoguelph [dot] ca).

There will be an information session for chairs Sunday July 24, 2011 at 5:30 at the WTCC

Session chair general information:

  • All talks are 15 minutes total including questions
  • There are 6 concurrent sessions for all oral sessions and thus the timing of the presentations must be strictly followed
  • Session chairs will be provided cards indicating 5 minutes left and 1 minute left that can be shown to the presenter
  • A student volunteer will be available in each session for technical support
  • A laser pointer will be made available for each session
  • Session chairs should arrive 20 minutes ahead of time to the room that their session is located
  • All talks are scheduled in 15 minute intervals; should a speaker not show up do not move to the next speaker, take a 15 minute break or engage the audience in a discussion relevant to the session. This will allow people to go between concurrent sessions
  • Speak loudly, slowly and clearly as there are many conference participants whose first language is not English

Role of the Session Chairperson

  • Chairs should introduce themselves and give a very brief introduction of the session
  • Introduce the speakers and the title of their talk (check with speakers about the pronunciation of their name prior to the beginning of the session)
  • Keep the speakers on time according to the guidelines above
  • Ask for questions from the audience and engage discussion about the presentation
  • Maintain the integrity of the conference in that session (i.e. control arguments, stop unacceptable comments, disallow insulting behaviour)
  • Chairs may be asked to make announcements at the beginning of each session – the announcements will be provided by the student volunteer

Chairs need to:

  • Check to make sure that the talks are loaded properly
  • Ensure that all the talks for that session have been loaded onto the speaker computer
  • Announce any changes to the session or to the speakers
  • Make sure the laser pointer works
  • Make sure that the microphone works

Special Session Chairs

  • Are required to follow the above guidelines
  • Should presenters not be able to make it, please find substitute presenters for your session and inform Bill Van Heyst of the changes in the session. These changes will be announced at the conference.